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These fun kits can be used with soda, juice, tonics or spirits. Add 12 oz. liquid and refrigerate for 3 days. Makes up to 8 1.5 oz. shots. 4 flavors 

-Cranberry martini-cranberry, lemon, orange, citrus infused nongmo vegan sugar

-Mountain Pass- Thyme, apple, orange, and bitters infused nongmo vegan sugar

-Sangria-cherry, orange, lemon, citrus infused nongmo vegan sugar

-Old fashion-Cherries, oranges, bitters, and non-gmo vegan cne sugar

-Lavendar lemonade-Lemon, lavender, vanilla & Citrus infused non-gmo vegan cane sugar

-Paloma-grapefruit, lime, vanilla citrus sugar


Camp Craft Cocktail kits/5 flavors

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